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Client Opinions & Reviews

  • Jasleen Kaur


    The fragrance is good and it rightly moisturizes the hair. The plus point is the comb like hair oiling tool that actually lets the oil reach the roots. The presentation of the hence seems amazing.This really improves the quality of hair. I really loved the oil. And since I have its shampoo as well, so it really brings amazing results.I have frizzy hair so it rightly manages it.

  • Sumit singha


    Go for it. It worked for me.

  • Himika Gupta


    Good choice of oil.Specially when you have got to fight with Dandruff and hence your hair becomes fizzy,dry,tangled, rough and therefore very thin.Then indulekha would prove as a savier for yoy.A drop of light in the darkness.It will provide smoothness and richness to the pores hence strengthening the overall quality and even improving the length of your hair.

  • Kindle Customer


    I think my hairfall reduced from the first wash itself. After that I am reluctant to use any other shampoo. The smell is not so good, but that is secondary.

  • Deepika Mishra


    I was searching for hair oil for treating dandruff. I came to know about this product. I purchased it and started using it. The best part of this product, this is 100% ayurvedic oil with the richness of the ingredients of Bringha, Brahmi, Neem and many more. After using it I noticed that dandruff of my hair scalp has almost gone.

  • Prashansa Mehra


    I has been suffering from dandruff since a long time. Tried every possible thing then somebody suggested indulekha neemraj oil. I bought it instantly. It has goodness of neem which helps in reduction of dandruff. Overall i am satisfied with the oil as I have used it for a long time and have seen its efficacy.

  • Meet


    Stops hair fall in a week. Very good shampoo for damaged hairs. It improves hair health with every wash. Its ayurvedic and free from harsh chemicals. Results will be great if we apply Indulekha oil minimum 2-3 hours b4 shampoo. The applicator is quite handy as it helps in applying the oil directly to the root.

  • Chandra Shekhar Behera


    Excellent product. Thanks Indulekha.

  • Biswajit Majumdar


    Very good product. My hair falls has been reduced drastically but can't assure whether it helps to grow new hair as I am already 50+ of age. Earlier I used 10days hair oil for quite sometimes but that didn't suit. Pimples used to come out all over my head resulted itching issues, caused more hair falls.



    I didn't buy it from Indulekha, but wud like to share my review about the Cleanser. Herbal Ayurveda Fragrance is Awesome, Its a good herbal one. Texture of tresses is good after hair wash. Hope to use it regularly and get results. You can smell the natural ingredients in its fragrance.

  • Kalpana Singh


    Very nice👌👌 Try it.

  • Ashish Chandan


    Indulekha oil has been a well known oil brand from quite some time now. Its oil has been well known in being effective in hair growth and hair fall control. I got this oil recommended by one of my friend. And I have since been using it quite frequently. The oil contains a number of herbs.

  • Dr Atish Pawar


    First of all I love the presentation of this product u can easily apply oil on hair. It is totally Ayurvedic.. This oil has all the ingredients and quality which r I am looking for my hair.... After massaging scalp with this oil wash ur hair with the Indulekha shampoo and see the results urself u will surely get satisfied with this product...

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