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Indulekha - Bringha Oil
Indulekha - Bringha Oil



Indulekha’s strength lies in addressing hairfall at the root. Our remedies are perfected using centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom, and proven by clinical evidence.

One of the major reasons hairfall goes untreated is because we think it’s temporary and easily fixable – we search for quick answers, not lasting ones. But understanding Hair Loss can help.

What is Hair Loss?

Hair Loss refers to reduced hair on the scalp. Everyone experiences some Hairfall (around 50-150 strands daily), but when hair grows back slower than it falls, that is known as hair loss.

Excess Hairfall can be explained by the Hair Growth Cycle – Each cycle consists of long growth (Anagen), short transition (Catagen) and a short rest (Telogen). At the end of the cycle, the hair falls out (Exogen) and a new hair begins growing from the same follicle.

When the phases are in balance, natural amounts of hairfall occur. When the phases are imbalanced, it causes excess hairfall.

What Causes Hair Fall?

Hairfall can be caused for several reasons, both internal and external.

• Poor blood circulation
• Lack of nutrition
• Infection
• Drugs
• Pregnancy
• Pollution
• Hyperthyroidism
• Involutional alopecia
• Allergies
• Stress
• Lack of exercise
• Lack of sleep

What are the most common kinds of Hair Loss?

1. Androgenic Alopecia - Male Pattern Baldness / Female Pattern Hair Loss

• Usually a genetic outcome based on family history
• Hair Loss for over 6 months
• Hair Loss in a pattern(For men - receding hairline and gradual thinning/balding of crown area. For women - widening partition and increased scalp visibility)
• Decreased density or volume
• Early onset MPB/FPB can also be triggered by lifestyle, diet and other factors.

2. Telogen Effluvium (TE)

Caused by more than normal hair going from the growth phase into the resting phase
Triggered by stress or shock (mental or physical)

3. Alopecia Areata

• A disorder wherein the body’s immune system targets hair follicles
• May not be limited to hair loss on scalp
• Not typically treatable over the counter, will require medical attention

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