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Article: Hair Fall: How to Stop & Control Hair Fall | Indulekha

Hair Fall: How to Stop & Control Hair Fall | Indulekha

Hair Fall: How to Stop & Control Hair Fall | Indulekha

Effectively Combat Hair Fall With These Hair Care Tips 

Effectively Combat Hair Fall With These Hair Care Tips 

Irrefutably, the most prominent features of our face are our eyes, our smile and our hair. These three features can make or break a first impression. Having a full head of hair projects a kind of confidence that you can feel radiating out of you. When our hair starts to thin and fall out, it can really affect your self-esteem. Nobody wants to wake up in the morning to hair falling out on their pillows and clogging the bathroom drain. And here’s the best part, you don’t have to. You are the one in control of your hair care routine, which means you have the power to curbing your hair fall by just adjusting your lifestyle and routine to be more hair-friendly and hair-healthy.

Before you start on your hair fall control journey, there are certain things you need to understand about the root cause behind your hair fall. As part of the natural hair growth and shedding cycle of our body, we lose about 100-150 strands of hair per day. It is only when your hair fall exceeds this limit that it becomes a problem. 
 Hair loss is caused either by genetic causes or because of one’s lifestyle choices. To bring excess hair fall under control, there is a need to zero in on the root cause of the problem. Here are a few common causes behind temporary hair fall in both men and women:

  • Tight hairstyles that pull on your roots
  • Excessive heat styling and chemical hair treatments
  • Dirt, pollution and stress
  • Illnesses or side-effects of medicines taken for illness
  • Dandruff and breakage
  • Improper cleansing of hair & scalp

 How to control hair fall

control hair fall

 Cultivating healthy hair habits and staying away from practices that damage and weaken your hair can help you to effectively combat hair fall in just a few weeks. You might be handling your hair incorrectly in a way that leads to breakage and hair fall without even realizing it. Here’s a lowdown on common hair care mistakes to avoid:

  1. Brushing wet hair:

A lot of people tend to brush their hair right after a shower, while it’s still wet. This practice is not advisable because your hair is at its weakest and most prone to breakage when it’s wet. Brushing it in this state will increase the chances of hair fall. It is best to wait until your hair is dry before combing through. If you are in a hurry, wait till your hair is damp and gently comb through with a wide-toothed comb.


  1. Constant heat styling:

Constantly using heat styling products on your hair makes it dry, brittle and damaged. The same goes for chemical treatments that coat your hair with product build-up, weaken the roots and cause hair fall. Pick natural treatments over chemical ones and give your hair some room to breathe.


  1. Over-washing your hair:

Washing your hair every day strips it of the natural oils that your scalp produces, causing it to dry out. When the roots get stripped of natural oils, they weaken and are more prone to hair fall. Washing your hair three times a week is enough to stay on top of your hair health. People with oily scalp types can wash their hair on alternate days.


  1. Tight hairdos: 

Wearing your hair pulled back occasionally is okay but if you are styling your hair that way on an everyday basis then it will do more harm than good. Tight hairdos pull at your roots, weakening the follicles and accelerating a receding hairline. Leaving your hair open or opting for styles that don’t tug at your hair will help you minimize hair fall.Weak, damaged and dry hair is synonymous with hair fall and breakage. Adding the right practices to your routine will make your hair healthy, strong and less susceptible to hair fall. Here are some steps to help control hair fall efficiently:


  1. Picking the right hair products:

Keeping your hair and scalp clean is the base of taking good care of your hair. You need to pick the right hair products  like shampoos and conditioners according to your hair type. Dry scalps need moisturizing shampoos, oily scalps need deep cleansing shampoos. Using the wrong kind of shampoo can dry out your hair and cause hair fall. Look for a good anti-hair fall shampoo with natural, herbal ingredients.

  1. Regular scalp massages:

Massaging your scalp with a potent hair oil  is a great, time-tested method for hair growth. It stimulates the scalp, increases the flow of healthy nutrients to the roots and eases tension. The oil also works as an excellent hydrating agent and can transform your hair from limp and dry to strong and smooth. Leave the oil in for at least two hours before washing it off.

  1. Watch your diet:

A lack of proteins, minerals and vitamins in your diet could very well be the reason behind your hair fall. A protein called ‘Keratin’ makes up a major part of your hair. It plays a vital role in keeping your hair protected and repairing damaged hair tissue. If your body doesn’t get enough protein intake from your diet, your hair suffers. So make sure to include protein and vitamin-rich food in your meals.



    1. Do chemical hair treatments cause hair fall?

Most chemical treatments and bleach/dye jobs are bad for your hair if carried out often. Occasional usage does not have lasting effects but prolonged use of such treatments deteriorates the health of your scalp and leads to hair fall. However, this type of hair fall is not permanent. Avoiding chemical treatments for a few months will ensure that your hair growth goes back to normal.  

  1. Which ingredients should I look for in hair oil?

Look for natural herbal ingredients that promote hair growth and strength, such as:

  • Amla
  • Bringharaj
  • Coconut
  • Almond
  • Svetakutaja
  • Sesame

Avoid hair oil that lists synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances or silicones among its ingredients.        

To know more about strengthening your hair against hair fall and breakage, visit



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